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About the WGE

A native of a small city called Fayette, Rydrea Walker, found his passion for filmmaking after seeing his father use an old camcorder for shooting his family reunion when he was a little boy. He founded his own film business, Walker ASL Pictures, when he was in high school at Alabama School for the Deaf on June 22, 2012. He released his first short movie, titled Bob Movie (2013), which won 3rd place for the best short movie in the central east region of Alabama at the Jacksonville State University Technology Fair Competition in Jacksonville, Alabama at the age of 17. He has made four short movies for the following: Bob Movie (2013), Sleeper Chair (2013), Battle of Evil (2014), and Never Forget… (2016). His first feature movie was titled Battle of Evil: Part Two (2014). All the movies are currently available to watch on YouTube.


Walker’s goal was to go to work in Hollywood in Los Angeles, California; however, there were barriers. The way Hollywood sees us is like we, deaf filmmakers, can’t do the jobs other people can. On December 1, 2017, Walker re-named his film business from Walker ASL Pictures to WarriorsGate Entertainment. His purpose was to change the name to represent a deaf filmmaker and deaf talent who wanted to work in any entertainment business. However, they have had a hard time getting a job because Hollywood people are fearful that they can't communicate with deaf filmmakers and even can't hear if something happens on a set.  Warrior means fighting, and the goal is to break the glass ceiling. Gate means a fence that can open. It is an example of how a deaf filmmaker works so hard to get a job in Hollywood that a gate is finally open for a deaf filmmaker to enter and start a journey. We show Hollywood people that we can do everything like them, except for our ears.


WarriorsGate Entertainment is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and it has an office in Indianapolis, Indiana.


WarriorsGate Entertainment’s aspiration to be recognized by entertainment companies in the world that will help them to consider to support and improve more opportunity for Deaf people to work in the entertainment industry. It engages the Deaf community and the world to expand the appreciation of the Deaf cinema. Our goal is to bring Deaf culture on the big screen in Hollywood.

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